Join Chona Bernardo and Neil Belen for a Reiki & Sound Bath healing to set the tone for each new season.

At NAMASTE Highland Park:


For Winter Solstice: December 16 @ 7:45-9PM

Feel your body become at ease with Reiki Master, Chona Bernardo, and Neil Belen’s Saturn gong and crystal singing bowls.

Neil's sound bath offers the healing vibration of the ancient gong to clear energy blockages within the body along with crystal singing bowls (432hz) to tune the chakras. Neil will play his 32” Saturn Gong to activate our Brow aka Third Eye Chakra to enhance our focus, concentration, and vision. As we channel these sounds we will strengthen our patience, trust, and intuition. This planetary Saturn Gong’s character is discipline and is the ruler of Capricorn. It brings us a better understanding of our goals, the process, and the wisdom gained from experience.

The sounds of this gong help give clarity to our lessons and gift us the power of acceptance and flexibility, especially for those of us experiencing our Return of Saturn. The flexibility and acceptance is important in order to remain persistent, structured, and responsible in our creative projects, business endeavors, personal relationships, and overall life experience moving forward.

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