Chona spent the past decade peeling away layers of conditioning to discover her sacredness, her unique essence, her playfulness and womanhood. She danced with her shadows to build communion with Spirit, before self-actualizing in the urban jungle of Los Angeles.

To gain and maintain her spiritual consciousness, her true nature, she developed the practices which would ground her into her being and becoming.

REIKI- Holy Fire

Through the practice of Reiki, she learned (and is still learning) how to feel Source Creator through her vessel, and to be a clear channel for this mysterious, energetic force to flow into anything she puts her intentions into. Reiki helped her step into her spiritual path.  It has been her great honor to provide Reiki sessions to clients, and to teach others how to use this Divine Universal energy as a Holy Fire Reiki Master. She received her first Reiki attunement in 2009, Reiki II in 2010, and the Holy Fire Reiki Master training from William Rand in 2017. She volunteers to serve patients at the Huntington Hospital, and she participates in community events.


Through the practice of yoga she learned the ways in which to explore her personal edge on the mat. The lesson of  controlling one’s breath connected her to better controlling her emotions and connecting to Spirit. In order to reach her edge, she must go deeper within the mind and explore the uncomfortable places in the body using poses and meditation.  Chona teaches Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Hatha yoga at Namaste Studios in Los Angeles.

ART -Self Healing Through Flowers

Lastly through the practice of art, she channels her imagination, the collective beauty she observes, and the energetic flow she feels onto canvas.  Art has been the greatest healing gift she provides for herself and to others to help awaken the Divine Feminine energy. Orchids have special significance in her work, echoing her own blossoming, and honoring her ancestors, as some orchids are endemic to the Philippines.