Chona’s Teaching Schedule:


  • Wednesdays- VINYASA: ADVANCED @ 8:30am - 9:30am

  • Fridays- VINYASA: ALL LEVELS @ 4pm-5pm

  • Saturdays- GENTLE: YIN & REIKI @ 11:15-12:30pm

For more info visit www.NamasteStudios.LA.

Chona’s yoga experience brings awareness to the body so that it can reveal where healing is needed and transformation can take place.  Chona believes that the way in which we explore our personal edge on our mats is connected to how we can better control our emotions and connect to our spirit.  In order to reach our edge, we must go deeper within the mind and explore the uncomfortable places in the body using asana and meditation.   Her friendly and spunky personality brings forth inspiring words to create a safe space, allowing students to be tuned in, strong, and authentic on their mats.

Chona’s approach to teaching comes from the belief that how well we take care of ourselves is an offering to our world.  Her experience as a Reiki practitioner since 2009 showed her that by working through fear is when courage is revealed.  It is through our darkness that we find our light.  With a self-care practice using yoga and Reiki, we can be uplifted and be of better service to others. Her classes feature music, encouraging words and hands-on adjustments.  You may even feel the Reiki energy come through especially during savasana.

Chona does really great classes that are interesting and athletic while still being approachable for beginners/intermediates. Her attitude is really great! I can’t speak for the other instructors, but highly recommend Chona’s classes -Ashley D.